Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge - Highly Prized

Another word from my list for Highly Prized - family.

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Title: Saturday Afternoon.

The Boss settled down on the sofa to read the New Scientist but his eyelids grew heavier and heavier.

Coloured pencil on textured pastel paper. 10 x 8"

I started this as a life drawing, but took a reference photo as well to work from later. I have to say, this portrait means more to me than a photograph ever could.

The Sketchbook Challenge - Highly Prized

I've taken another word from my list - memento.

This poor dessicated bunch of flora is what remains of my corsage for my daughter's wedding almost eleven years ago and I'm not making a good job of reproducing it in coloured pencil. I didn't realise it would be such a difficult subject, even though I've simplified it a little!

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Lightly placing the various bits and pieces and starting with the dried flowers.

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Beginning to fill in the details.

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Strengthening the darks and adding some highlights. I think I'll leave it here. The cheap paper I used won't take any more pencil anyway!
Not one of my best efforts. Clearly I haven't been "keeping my hand in", but that's the reason I decided to follow the Sketchbook Challenge.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - Jan 2011

Highly Prized - Gifts from Grandchildren! When they saw this china badger in the second hand shop, they KNEW that I would want it. It's funny how the things they REALLY LIKE always seem to be exactly the things that they KNOW granny would want! And of course granny treasures each and every one.

Here it is sketched in ordinary graphite pencil with touches of colour on plain white paper:

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not quite right, something wrong with his nose!

But badgers are nocturnal animals, so I tried it again on a sheet of cheap black card in coloured pencil:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

Ah! That's better!

Having studied and drawn this, I realised that for a cheap, mass produced china anima someone has gone to a bit of trouble with the pose. He's sleek, stealing along quietly, sniffing the air because he has scented something on the breeze.

The grandchildren were quite right, I do like him!

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Affirmative Action for 2011

Well, here we are in 2011. From my point of view: some tears for the year just gone by, a few fears and lots and lots of hope for the year to come. No New Year Resolutions, because I can't keep them! In any case, if what I would have resolved was good, then I should be doing it anyway!

First affirmative action this year, I've decided to participate in the Sketchbook Challenge.

Find out all about it here: