Sunday, August 13, 2006

Illustration Friday - Play

Maisie and Joe played in the sea all day, on their new plastic inflatable surfboards.

Instead of using the inflatables as surfboards, they lay across them and kicked with their legs. They got up quite a speed. We made them wear their armbands, because although they were quite safe in the sea, with a ring of rocks around the beach, the water was cold and they were in it for a long time.

With their coloured armbands and plastic inflatables they looked like brightly coloured insects whizzing across the surface of the water. Maisie was busy kicking away, and when she looked up, she found herself face to face with a seagull! She looked around, discovered she could no longer touch the bottom and realised she had gone too far out. She started shouting but that quickly turned to crying and Joe immediately launched himself out on a rescue mission. His little legs went really fast and he soon reached his sister and began to push her back in with his own inflatable.

I made two fabric postcodes, to remember the occasion. Here they are, with the original sketch.