Saturday, January 14, 2006

Illustration Friday - E is For....

Entymologist. Well, this is my version:

I made this during my City & Guilds embroidery course. For Part II we looked at Surrealism - we attended a Lee Miller (photographer) exhibition and looked at other artists, including Joseph Cornell who put things into boxes and was an obsessive collector. Our 'homework' was to make a 'memory box'. I didn't really feel that this was in the spirit of the surrealists, the essence of which I thought was to do something odd with an everyday object, convey some kind of message and, in the case of Jospeh Cornell, make an 'assemblage'. (Somehow a modern day 'memory box' didn't really cut it). This was all completely at odds with the way I view the things that I make - purely for enjoyment, but as ever I was prepared to have a go. So, here is my 'Collector' an insect - and in his box, little people of slightly differing colour.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

My inspiration, apart from the surrealists, came from the seaside. At the old town hall in Aldburgh on the Suffolk coast is a room full of wide shallow drawers. Each drawer is full of moths and butterflies. I went there just after we had looked at Cornell, when the idea of collections was fresh in my mind. When I showed this in class, one or two people were offended. I hope I haven't offended anyone here. It was a lighthearted joke at the expense of the surrealists and our very serious tutor.

The collector's body is made from odds and ends of beads (I made the long paper ones) and bits of wire; his wings from a fragment of sheer sari silk. His little people are just wrapped wool tassels. He sits on the edge of his box (I made that too - from picture framers board covered in faux suede), adding his latest acquisition to his collection. This is his prize, the blue colour and the gold crown show that he has at long last managed to find a specimen of royal blood.

There is tenuous connection to last week's topic SEA, with the insect collection at Aldburgh, and there is a sea and an insect connection to both posts here too, with this box:

The pebbles, shells and seeds came from the beach. And yes, I know the creature only has four legs!

And another sea link with these fish made from felt:


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